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Winter Lady
happy lavender
100_series wrote in panelburst
I'm working on a random winter lady! Please let me know if there's any hardcore anatomy fail here:

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nope, all looks good!

this is just a preferece but i'd say make the hands about 30-50% larger.

hair looks really good, very clamp'esk

Thanks for responding! ^^

Yeeeah, I like bigger hands too. But originally they were the size you describe. It made the arms look stubby in comparison. I dunno. It just didn't look right. So that's why I scaled them down. They look kinda tiny, but maybe I can get away with the old "that's just the style!" excuse. XDDD

well it looks like you did it intentionally, doesn't look like you didnt know.

I dont think it would make the arm look stubby but you might think that cause you're used to seeing small hands a la mode now.

well, post it and let me see

That's before the last edit.

Well, now I just drew her holding something! XDD No going back now, lol.

I see what happen, the hands being bigger makes her right arm too short, guess you can leave it as it is. it looks great

Thanks! I'll post again later.

I actually have stuff to post at this community now, lulz.

I'm still running a pre con marathon, so after NYCC, i'll start updating PB's site (and mines... )

Yeah that's kinda what I'm doing. Con con con con.

Next time you catch me on MSN let's talk about stuff. :3

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