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Just Here Introducing Myself
murasai wrote in panelburst
 <b>Name:Brenda S. aka ladymurasai</b>
<b>Type of art I love to do:realistic manga/ shonen style manga</b>
<b>My project is:BlueBlinda: Shortstories and another yet to be announced...</b>
<b>What I want to accomplish:To be able to live my dream of owning a business and helping others succeed,also to have a video game/anime made based on one of my stories, and to have a bookcase of books I've created</b>
<b>One random fact about me:I'm a cat lover.</b>
<b>Cons I hope to be at:NYCC(as a visitor),Anime Fest</b>
<b>Comics/Webcomics I read:Samurai Host Club,SIN,</b>
<b>Favorite tutorial and/or resource site:Imagine FX(</b>
<b>Favorite music to listen to while I work:game soundtracks, techno, j rap/rock ,instrumentals</b>
<b>Fandoms I love:Soul Calibur,Guilty Gear,Chrono Trigger/Cross, SMT series,Xenogears,Battle Angel Alita,Dogs/b>

Glad to be a part of this group:)

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Welcome to the group! Your art is really interesting, I like the sharp shadow on the latest one on your DA.

Feel free to post WIP or any other topics you like.

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