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Sketchbook Annual
cetriya wrote in panelburst

For those of you who watch my twitter you’ve heard me asking around if anyone would like to do a sketchbook anthology.

why a sketchbook? well 1, everyone has sketches so I know it’ll be easy to get content 2, it’s cheap to print so cheap to sell while still spreading each other’s work and 3, because funny thing… I don’t sketch enough to fill a whole book each year. I usually carry my sketches to completion or they are just half doodles ment for reference and not for showing.

So, Here are some simple details.

- About 40-50 pages (so max 10 pages, min 2 pages)

- Anything BW, does not have to be sketches only, so short comics, ink works, ect is OK

- Book will be 6x9” in size how you format the pages is up to you (you could fit as many sketches onto a page as you want )

- I would hope to get 600dpi files but I’ll take 300dpi but no less.

- Due date APRIL

-PG please

Some has asked if there is a theme. I don’t want to think of one on my own (not sure if having one is necessary) so I’m leaving open for us to chat over it. Maybe a comic projects theme? sketches of us planning/ design our comics? like character / background sketches? Maybe hand written notes on the side (legible, or get a digital handwriting style font) on what the sketches are about and a little blub artist bio?

Anyhow, If you’d like to be added to the list of artists either comment here (and follow the community) or send me a twit if you don’t have an LJ. final page count will be in march. Anyone who wants a book would just need to send an order of how many and pay their printing cost. You do not have to buy any copy even if you participate.

The quote I got from the printer:

“Interior: 1.5¢ a page B&W,  7¢ a page Color

Cover: $1 per cover, laminated, perfect bound

You book should be $1.75 each (50 pages)”

As you notice, color pages is really cheap too, so also thinking that each of us can do 1 color page (optional) as interior cover art for each section. The actial cover art will be any color character art we’d like and then have them together on the cover. (by the way, posters from this printer is really cheap so maybe you could order some from them at the same time too if you’d like)

All of this is changeable so lets get chatting =)

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if it's some pages of sketches of our comics' guys/bg you can count me in. (I just did a quick read cuz I have to run to work now)

yep thats it, just sketches from any comic project (I know you gots plenty) and as much as you can fit in 2 pages or more

Sounds pretty cool! Might give it a go!

Pretty neat!! can an European participate too?

anyone can participate so long as they are cool for others to print copies

(Deleted comment)
I would assume 'Panel Burst' be part of the name, but as to the rest, dont know yet

Now the trick is making my sketches clean enough to actually be printed. XD

lol, well if you need to, you can just send me the raw file and I can clean it

This sounds like a wonderful idea. I would like to take part in this if I can. I don't have much comic characters sketches but its about time I got to sketching them again.


I'm sorry I'm so late in asking but do I send these pieces to your email?

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