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An Introduction
Excited [SE]
covenmouse wrote in panelburst
Name: Rae
Type of art I love to do:  sequential and illustration
My project is: Wind Spirits, which is to be launched in January, and Endangered
What I want to accomplish: Telling stories, and to get better at this comic thing.
One random fact about me: I have a snaggletooth.
Cons I hope to be at: Anime Matsuri, Kamekazicon
Comics/Webcomics I read:  Questionable Content, Something Positive, Girls With Slingshots, Oglaf, Red Moon Rising
Favorite tutorial and/or resource site: Deviantart
Favorite music to listen to while I work:  various -- depends on the work
Fandoms I love:  Sailor Moon, Gundam Wing, Resident Evil.  I'm not really a part of any other fandoms. XD

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Welcome to the comm. I really like your art style, especially the use of texture. Have fun here!

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