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Silly me!
I did something really stupid, I was moving servers and accidentally erased the pictures that went wit the black hair tutorial. sorry for that, I'll be reformatting it a bit and see if I can find the main file and do it again. 

New Features
I’m going to be setting up the Panelburst site soon. Here’s some info on the different features it’ll have.

Laurie designed the website a while back, but the design that she sent features aspects of the site that we are not using right now. So, I am going to keep the same colors and scheme as hers and adjust it to fit what we need right now.

“Featured Artist” banner, version 1.

Everyone who is interested can make their own header for the website using their artwork. I’ll have a template available to download when the website design is done. So, the header will say “PanelBurst” but then it will also say “featured artist” and link to your website. I’ll put all the banners on a rotating script so that a random one is displayed every time the site is loaded.

In order to enter this, you’ll need to put a link back to PanelBurst somewhere on your website. You don’t have to use a webcomic for this program, either. Any personal art site will do just as well.

Right now a random rotation script will work, but if we get so many that it becomes clunky and slow to load, I will do it another way.

Front Page “Members” Area

On the front page there will be icons for each creator involved in PanelBurst. Your icon will link to profile page for you, which you can use to link to all of your projects as you see fit. You can also list your commission rates, what sort of work you are looking for, etc.

The plan is to have Wordpress set up to allow you guys to add your own posts and edit your own pages. The back-up plan in case it doesn’t work, or you prefer not to do it that way, is I will simply create the pages for you.

The only requirement for this is that you do need to be a creator of some sort. You do no need to link back from your site just for this, since it is a service for you, the artists of PanelBurst (however, we would definitely appreciate the linkage if you choose to). There’s another program for the “just fans.”

Front Page “Fans” Area

For those of you who do not draw or write, but follow this comm simply because you love comics, there is this area. This is a set of text links that will be directly below the members area. This is basically a link trade, you link us and we link you.

Your text link can redirect either to a website, or your introduction post on the livejournal comm. If you want to link directly to your website, you’ll need to link back to us from that website. For example, we link to your deviantart profile, and you have a link somewhere on that profile to PanelBurst. Same with livejournal, facebook, a personal website, whatever. It's a you-help-us-we-help-you situation that gives fans an opportunity to help us out, and get credited for it.

Okay! So, let me know what you think and I'll try to have this up in a couple of weeks.

I made a DeviantArt group for the site. Eventually we should take advantage of the DevArt front, so I went ahead and made it to at least reserve the name. I am still figuring out exactly how it works.

Here it is:

If you'd like to submit stuff or have any ideas, by all means post.

Our First Project! TUTORIAL
Okay guys! This is going to be our first project. It's something that we can build on over time, and has no specific deadline or date. It's also completely optional. I don't expect you to participate if you do not have time for it.

The goal is to build content for a tutorial segment of our website.

I want to avoid a bunch of really long tutorials that cover the entire process of drawing a comic or completing an illustration. This is too much strain on us as artists to come up with while we are trying to do our jobs, plus it's too much information for readers to absorb at once.

What I'd like to see is each of us focus on one technique or step at a time. That way we'll get a lot of variety and it won't be too much for any one of us to handle.

You can submit by creating a new post. I'll handle all the code.

Your reward for submitting a tutorial is a link back using a banner for your own website up to 468x60 in size. ...Someday I'll have better rewards for you. ^^;

--Any submissions will be edited for spelling and grammar.
--We reserve the right to edit or reject submissions on the grounds that they are misleading, unhelpful, or inappropriate.

Hi guys!

Do you ever have one of those days where your mind flutters from one thing to the next, and you can't stay on track? What sort of things do you do to maintain your concentration?

As weird as it sounds, I actually find that talking to friends on IM is good for this, given that your friends understand what you are doing and support you. I have a few good friends who will ask me about what page I'm drawing and guilt-trip encourage me to get it finished.

However, that plan can backfire if you get into an energetic conversation with someone, lol. I talk a lot, so yeah. -_-;; Live
Here's our website!
or, as it redirects...

For the moment, I only have a splash page pointing to the LiveJournal comm. Getting the site to display livejournal will take some serious rigging, and I haven't had time to do the research on it yet.
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I feel in love in 2 mins
 Alchemy is a cool little program that I would say is a creative brain warm up.

I havent dive in to it to deeply but from what I see it quickly makes abstract shapes and silhouettes. From there you have to export the file into what ever program you use to create what you 'see' from the shapes.  

See samplesCollapse )

You can change up color and transparency but I think keeping to 2 colors is best.  If ever you want to break out and create original compositions or character designs, this is really helpful

*on another note, any suggestions for low cost web hosting?

Comic Hovel
Lately I've seen a lot of promotion for a new webcomic collective called Comic Hovel ( I've seen several shout boxes and comment areas on comics I read tagged with invitations to this site. Although I find that sort of advertising really annoying, it did at least say to me, "hey, somebody cares enough about this site to be annoying about it," which is a lot more than what other sites of this nature have. So, I decided to give it a chance.

I signed up to check it out, and found that it has a very nice layout and method of organization, which is very welcome. More importantly, this site has a very commercial mindset without being plastered full of spam banners. The banners are neatly organized, not in the way or stretching out the page to infinity.

The comic listings have nice big images, the titles are in visible places, and space enough for a decent synopsis. The banner it gives you already says "vote with incentive!" on it if you make an incentive available (or not, if you don't), which is a small but very useful little thing. Everything on the site is in plain language with adequate grammar and spelling (as opposed to the nonsensical car salesman pitches and/or broken English I run into nearly everywhere else).

If you choose to be involved with the banner exchange program (which is optional) you can get a nice, compact, rotating banner in your choice of size. This alone made me want to scream, "FINALLY, SOMEBODY GETS IT," although I am still skeptical of the program as a whole. I'll watch it for a while before I get involved, myself.

You can upload your own banners to this site, and then pay with "points" in exchange for page views. Not only can you buy points, but you also get points for receiving votes (which also improve your rank), for being in the banner exchange, and for participating in other free activities.

I think this is a great idea in theory, and if it works in practice then I believe this will be the next evolution of webcomic collectives. If it doesn't work, then I suppose we'll just devolve back to "hay gaiz, let's all spend twice as much as we earn on ads!" which is what most of these smaller webcomic collectives are doing.

This program is sort of what I would have liked to do with a collective if I had the technical skill and financial backing (which I obviously don't have). I've seen people with both of those things drive their project into the ground with senseless plans and/or terrible people skills, so I'm hoping that one of these days some group will come along and do it right.

However, I don't know how smart these guys are with a name like "Comic Hovel" for their site. That has such a negative tone to it, don't you think?

Note About Tags
Let's try to keep this community tagged properly. Here's how you can help.

I'm creating a tag for each member who posts an introduction based on their first name from the form. Whenever you post something, try to use your tag. Then if we want to see everything Laurie did (for example) we just have to click her name.

The other tags should be pretty obvious, just try to remember using them. If you don't, it's not the end of the world. I will edit tags if needed.

OKay, I guess I should post one!
Name: Jamie Jennings
Type of art I love to do: I think traditional art is the most enjoyable, but digital art is more practical and fast.
My project is: comics Emerald Winter and Lavender Legend
What I want to accomplish: In the next five years, provide enough for myself through my artistic career that I can stop working crappy retail jobs to make ends meet.
One random fact about me: I hate to wear socks.
Cons I hope to be at: Mobicon (Mobile AL), EXP Con (St. Augustine FL)
Comics/Webcomics I read: Doctor McNinja ( Goodbye Chains ( Winters in Lavelle (
Favorite tutorial and/or resource site:
Favorite music to listen to while I work: Garbage, Ladytron, Lady Gaga, video game OSTs
Fandoms I love: Final Fantasy 4/6, Xenosaga, Valkyrie Profile, Firefly


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