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A Comm for Comic Book Artists and Illustrators

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A community for comic book creators and artists.

PanelBurst is a close-knit community of various artists who strive to better themselves by learning from each other.

This community is open to all:

  • comic creators including writers and artists

  • other artists who may only draw pin-ups, concepts, etc., not comics specifically

  • aspiring artists who wish to learn from more experienced members

  • fans who are interested in the process of creating their favorite comics and illustrations

Anyone is free to join this site and post here, as long as the posts are related to the central theme of the community: pursuing comics and art.

Rules and guidelines

  • Critique is to be of a constructive nature. Criticism that is hurtful or insulting will not be allowed.

  • Treat others with respect and be nice to one another. If you can not make your point without being insulting, then you will not make it.

  • To keep the community open, it is set to "no adult content." This does not mean that you absolutely cannot post adult content here, just that adult content needs to be tagged with the proper warnings, and either hidden behind an LJ-cut or linked from an external website.

  • Feel free to promote your website here, but keep in mind that excessive promotion will be seen as spam.